Cheese & Wine tasting faqs

What is a good excuse to have a cheese & wine tasting? 

Our cheese and wine tastings are perfect for groups of people that want to try something new, and enjoy eating cheese and drinking wine! Some particular things they are great for are bridal showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, dinner parties, anniversary parties, or just to have a night of fun with friends!


What do I need to provide?

For either package, Bon Vivant will deliver all necessary materials to your door ready to go and enjoy. We provide disposable materials such as trays, small plates, and napkins. The only thing you must provide are wine glasses for your guests.   

How does the wine part work? And what additional cost does this add?

We work closely with Pecorino specialty shop to get you the best deal on cheese and wine. Due to liability reasons, you must serve your own wine in your home. The Bon Vivant instructor will make recommendations for you based on the cheese style you choose, your guest count, and your wine preferences, perfectly tailoring the wines to your needs. The Bon Vivant instructor will then purchase the wine for you from the store, and deliver it to your home with the rest of the tastings supplies. All you have to do is provide a credit card number! Bon Vivant will prepare the wine and tasting notes and will walk you and your guests through the whole experience, however you or your guests will be responsible for serving the wine. This way, you can choose your desired amounts.


Do I have to use wine from Pecorino?

No, you do not have to purchase from Pecorino to have your tasting, however we do have a great relationship with them which gets you access to the best wines at the best prices for your group. If you wish to purchase wine from another source, just let us know and we can tailor the tasting to the specific wines you have. 

How much wine do I need? 

We can order and purchase as much or as little wine as you like depending on if you just want wine for the tasting, or if you want to make sure you have extra left over for after. Your Bon Vivant instructor can walk you through all of this to help you choose what is best for your party!

What form of payments do you accept?

Currently, we accept cash, personal check, or Venmo payments


Will we be full after the tasting? 

We provide 5 cheese samples for each person, accompaniments, and bread or crackers. The tasting amounts are not meant to be a meal, but do suffice as an appetizer. We recommend following your tasting up with a delicious dinner party at home!